Bringing new life to vintage underthings!! by Scarlette Saintclair ~ Florida

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As a pin up model we are always in need of  vintage or retro inspired under garments. There are some great companies making reproduction but it can be very pricey. So we search any where and everywhere for that perfect piece at a steal! For me garage sales and thrift stores are my favorite sometimes you can find something for under $5 other times I search ebay and etsy hoping to find something great and in my size. If you thrift at all your familiar with finding that vintage bullet shaped bra or a pretty slip that has seen better days, its yellowed with age or stained. Most people would just put it back or maybe take it home and try to clean it but you really can't bleach these old items with out the risk of destroying them. 

My trick

Idye poly, it is a fabric dye made specifically for dying nylon and polyester. Now there are a few things with vintage items you should know, the rubber on garters and the plastic hooks can only stand so much heat. So boiling your dye bath as directed on the package is not recommend! Instead I fill my dye bucket with as hot as the sink will get tap water, the less water you use the brighter the color. Make sure to really stir your dye bath prior to immersing items otherwise you get streaks and blotchy spots and if you are looking to have matching set you need to put them in the dye bath at the same time. Keep in mind different fabrics will take the dye differently so they may not match perfectly but they will be close. Sometimes the lace will dye a bit darker since it usually has a bit of cotton blended into the fabric. This can make the pieces more interesting and they photograph beautifully. I will put the items in the dye bath and stir, making sure that they are saturated evenly with dye. I will leave them soak them 30 minutes then remove, rinse really well with cold water, then hang to dry. The results are amazing and its so simple to achieve pretty colored vintage lingerie to shoot in!!

 Scarlette  tip ~ always start with a light color, these items can get dyed again at a later date! I usually will do with a darker shade of the original color. Example an orange dye bath will usually give white pretties a pale shade of peachy orange, a second  bath will make for a brighter shade of orange, next time go with a red bath will give a gorgeous  copper red tone, then burgundy etc. 

Always remember that dyed items can bleed so washing them before wearing is usually a good idea. I will throw a freshly dyed item in the wash with an old towel or two to absorb some of the dye in the wash. I do not recommend wearing dyes lingerie under vintage dresses. If you sweat there could be some dye transfer and its just not worth the risk.

Try this, I know you will not be disappointed!