The Luscious Ladies is a social group of ladies who cherish and live a retro lifestyle. We aspire to be a positive force within the community in which we live. The Luscious Ladies strive to support small businesses within our rockabilly culture and volunteer our time to raise money for local charity organizations within each chapters community. Our goal is to provide support to each other and share our love of all things vintage with everyone we meet.
The Luscious Ladies at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender 21 pool party! Photo Sveinn Photography

The Luscious Ladies at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender 21 pool party! Photo Sveinn Photography

Meet the women of The Luscious Ladies and join us on our pinup adventures!!

National Directors

Scarlette Saintclair  ~ Florida                 

Scarlette Saintclair began modeling pin up in 2009. Turning her love for vintage fashion and classic cars into a career. Miss Saintclair was first published in a local magazine Chops in 2012 and has since had dozens of her images published in magazines such as Classy Keen, American Genuine Classic, Riot Vixen, Bachelor Pad and most recently the cover of Delicious Dolls Spicy Edition When she is not behind the camera you can find her at car shows and concerts, she is an avid supporter of the local music scene here in Orlando. Scarlette shares her “pinup know how” as a writer with columns occasionally appearing in pinup magazines such as Atomic Style Magazine, Delicious Dolls and Pink Elephant Pinup, her goal is to bring more media attention to the growing rockabilly and vintage culture in the central Florida area. Miss Saintclair has just recently written and published her first book Scarlette’s Sinful Spirits, a collection of her favorite cocktails available for purchase on  

"I love fast cars, vintage clothes and my red lipstick. I believe Bettie Page was the most fabulous woman to ever exist, that martini's should be very dirty and that you should always drive with the top down!" ~Scarlette Saintclair

Kristi Kerosene - Bay Area

Kristi Kerosene is a West Coast gal through and through, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kristi first started getting her toes wet in the modeling industry in 2010. In 2012 she was approached by an amazing photographer at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender to shoot for Tattoo Savage Magazine and ended up being featured in a 6 page spread which launched her full force into the rockabilly and pinup scene. You may have seen Miss Kerosene gracing the pages of magazines such as Tattoo Savage, Pink Bow City, and Delicious Dolls, in addition to advertisements for local small businesses. Kristi was chosen to be the face of the 2015 Missy Ink Calendar, also featuring her as the month of March.  Kristi is a firm advocate for supporting women and encouraging them on their journey to pursue their dreams regardless of how unattainable they might seem. She also devotes her time to planning and hosting charity events to benefit the community and is always rooting for the underdog. In her spare time Kristi loves attending culture events with Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender being her favorite; she appreciates the class and style of a bygone era and truly enjoys being immersed in a sea of like-minded people. Her favorite color is red as you can tell from her bright red locks and ruby red lips. You can find Miss Kerosene at car shows and events all throughout the year, she's impossible to miss with her upbeat personality, infectious laugh, and smile that lights up any room! 


Kitty Von Rose ~ West Coast National Secretary

Meow! Kitty Von Rose is an International print and cover model who has been featured in many magazine publications as well as various calendars and projects such as Dream Girls Salute The Service Calendar 2013, Pin Up Playing Cards Miss *2 of Spades, Miss Tiki Cruise, 2014, Pinups for Keep A Breast Calendar 2015 and Wardrobe Divas Special Edition Military Fundraiser Post Cards for The Semper Fi Fund 2017
This Kitty is a multiple fashion, multi era enthusiast and her closets full of stories from the past. In her college days she studied music and video production so her love and appreciation of music spans all eras and genres but totally fit her eccentric personality!
When she's not in front of the camera her alter ego comes out to play as Kitty Dreadful, stage kitten and dancer for the Dirty Little Secrets Burlesque, Southern California's largest Burlesque Troupe.
In Kitty's everyday life she is a combat wounded veteran caregiver as well as a personal family advocate for Veterans Combat PTSD/TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), Fibromyalgia, Chronic Illness and N.A.M.I. (National Alliance on Mental Illness) She is also beginning her new career as a caregiver for adults with special needs and disabilities

Millie Michelle- East Coast National Secretary

Florida born Millie Michelle recently came home from Las Vegas to follow her pinup dream. She loves the bright neon lights, vintage shopping and treasure hunting. She started pinup modeling to show how a little red lipstick and a smile bring a world of confidence! Miss Michelle has been taking the pinup world by storm attending events around the country. Most recently Millie paced 3rd in the Miss Tiki Oasis Pageant. She has graced the pages of many pin up publications and been featured as a cover girl for both Delicious Dolls and Pinups and Hotrods Magazines. Millie also loves fast cars, all things cat, and tiki, especially when combined!


Chapter Presidents

Lexi Katt ~ Central Florida

Lexi Katt is a sassy hair styling vixen who loves to laugh and enjoys the finer things in life like looking glamorous, shoes, extra dirty martinis and rock n roll. Miss Katt started out modeling in 2007, just a few years later she found the world of pinup and hasn't  looked back! She's flirty, loud, sassy and doesn't take herself too seriously... but be careful she bites! 


Tina TimeBomb - Houston

Timebomb Tina, a nationally and internationally published alt and pin up model, has graced the pages of over 60 publications and currently holds 4 magazine covers. This girl has been featured in magazines from here in the U.S. of A, to Australia, Japan, and The Netherlands. She is a long time lover of all things vintage and identifies her style as "punk with a dash of retro housewife." 

Timebomb Tina is a bartender by trade and a successful freelance hairstylist that specializes in vintage styles. This Texas Timebomb is always on the move and loves to keep herself busy. When she is not working hard at all 3 of her jobs and modeling, she enjoys helping her community and others in need. Timebomb Tina organizes fundraisers for local charities, hosts blood, toy, school supplies and clothing drives, as well as founded and hosts her very own annual fundraising event called Psychobilly Swap Meet, where she brings together the rocka-psycho-punka-vinta-billy community and raises money and awareness for local nonprofit organizations. "I love what pin up has done for me. Pin up to me is uplifting, it is beauty in all shapes and colors, it is embracing eras past and making it your own, it is an art...a lifestyle and it is my passion." 

To stay up to date with what Timebomb Tina has going on in her life, like her on FB or on her website


Hippie Rose - Los Angeles

Hippie Rose has always been fascinated with multiple eras of the past. She played with the WWII American girl doll , Molly,  as that era is a particular favorite along with the 60s. You could always catch her watching re-runs of old tv shows, cartoons, movies from the 1940s-1970s, listening to big band music and she even played clarinet in a swing band when she was 16. She also had a 1940s themed sweet 16, although she was never bold enough to dress as glamorous as those women of yesteryear in her daily life, yet! In her early 20s she met a friend who took her to her first pinup contest. There was no going back! The Rockabilly community is what she had always been looking for! She started modeling for her photographer husband in 2010 and has now been published over 25 times in various magazines and books. She is a licensed cosmetologist and is always experimenting with her hair color. When not doing pinup you can find her immersed in something nerdy or horror related! She's definitely one of our resident Nerdy girls.  She also loves to cosplay when she can. She would love to find a way to bring her love of pinup, geek, and horror all together and definitely considers herself more of an alt pinup opposed to traditional. She is a advocate for body positivity, LGBT rights , along with awareness of mental health and domestic abuse. She’s seen some dark times and hopes to be able to use those to help others find the sunshine in the darkness. Her goal is to be more than just a pretty face. 


Jackie Von Spanks- New York

Jackie Von Spanks started her career as a pin-up in 2014 in Florida. Having a background in illustration, Jackie art and style had been heavily inspired by artists such as Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas.  After years of  learning about herself and what her inner pinup was like she joined the Luscious Ladies in the fall of 2014. She was first published in Kat Club by Retro Lovely in 2014 and has continuously been published in other magazines such as, Delicious Dolls, Vintage Boudoir and others. Besides pin-up modeling Jackie is passionate about Pin-up Illustration and its importance in the culture. She hopes to one day see Pin-up art make a come-back! She recently relocated to the New York City area and formed the first Northeast chapter of the Luscious Ladies.

"One of the biggest reasons starting my modeling career in pinup is that it is another creative outlet for me. I can show my love for the decades that has inspired me over the years in a different medium. I love seeing the outcome of a creative idea based around works from the master pin-up artists of the 40s, 50s, and 60's."


Ramona Deville- South Florida

Interested in anything vintage and inspired pin-up, anything to do with rockabilly, tattoos, and vintage clothing. I am a mother and a wife of Colombian Descent born in New Jersey now living in Florida. My goal is to prove to the world that everyone woman is neither too old, too young, too fat or too skinny and whether or not your married or with kids your life is never over! I'm out to get my kicks while i still can and make a little mula while im at it!


Alaina Rose Lee - Las Vegas 

Recently relocating to Las Vegas Alaina Rose Lee is a SoCal born and raised alternative pinup model, designer, and burlesque dancer. Pinup is not only a subculture but a lifestyle. She has always loved the classic era of the 1940s and 1950s and has become accustomed to the world of pinup. You can also check out all her amazing Tiki Headpiece creations from her shop


Jenna Beth-Nashville

Miss Jenna Beth has had a lifelong fascination with all things vintage. Her love of history and retro cultures began in 1998 when she started swing dancing and later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history. She began pinup modeling in 2006 and was first published in 2008. Since then she has been published every year in both National and International magazines including those in Australia, France, and UK. Although she still loves to Lindy hop, she has expanded her love of vintage dance to include Burlesque in 2010. She is now a full time burlesque performer as well as promo and pinup model. You can find her performing from New York to LA, multiple stops in Europe, and all over the sunshine state of Florida that she calls home. 


Ms. Sara Locks- Washington

Ms. Sara Locks is a hairstyling vixen by day and a laundry slinging, dinner makin', child wrangling, wife by night! She's a California girl living in a Pacific Northwest world. Her love of the vintage lifestyle came from the love of old cars and good music. Add that to the love of 50's fashion and the days when women dressed to the nines and you have a follower for life. 
She loves going to car shows and music related events. She loves her fur babies and has volunteered at cat and kitten rescues. She's been a strong advocate for kids with learning disabilities and mental health awareness. Something she looks forward to every year is Viva Las Vegas in the spring and family vacation in the summer. She loves meeting new friends and aspires to bring like minded ladies together to share their love of this culture to everyone else. She believes that one can never have too much sparkle and glitter runs through her veins! 
Her new love is the tiki side of the vintage culture, it reminds her of vacations on the beach and umbrellas in your drink! Something she's starting to pursue is teaching the art of vintage hairstyling.


Frenchie Frehley- New England

I’ve always absolutely loved how classic and polished vintage styles were, especially the hair and the accessories. My mother was a huge fan of Jackie O., so I grew up idolizing women like her and Audrey Hepburn. Mom was also a fan of having her hair done. She used to pay my sister and me to brush her hair when we were children so I guess I can attribute my career to her. Ever since I can remember I was cutting, dyeing and styling my own hair and insisting all my friends let me play with theirs. About seven years ago I decided to quit my job and pursue my passion full time.

I was asked to help out as a model at a pinup inspired photoshoot shortly after I started an apprenticeship at my first salon. The MUAH (MakeUp and Hair) that they had on set was really struggling with the styles so I offered to help… I ended up kind of taking over. After putting the pictures online I booked another job which added to my portfolio and got me another job. Things just kept accelerating from there. I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the country doing what I love and meeting absolutely amazing people. Unfortunately, the salon I worked at wasn’t thrilled at all of the per diem jobs I was getting or all of the travel involved with it. This just prompted me to open my own place, Frenchie’s Salon in Wallingford, Connecticut. Last month I celebrated my first year anniversary of being open and I’m really look forward to what the future may bring.


Christini Martini- Santa Barbara

It's Martini Timmmmeeeeeee!!! I’m Christini Martini, a Southern California native Pin-up model that fell in love with the vintage rockabilly culture and lifestyle. My love affair of all things vintage began as a young girl watching old movies and television shows with my Mom and going to car shows with my Dad. In addition to competing in Pin-up pageants, many of my Pin-up photoshoots have been published in Pin-ups and Hot Rods, Pin-up Kulture, Delicious Dolls, and First Form Magazines. I am very proud to say that I am celebrating 20 years of marriage and I am the mother of two wonderful teenage boys Jacob and Justin. I love passing on the love of the car and music culture to them including bringing them to their first Viva Las Vegas this year. After my step Mom passed away, I became the matriarch of my family so I continuously strive to be a role model for my sons by showing them that they should go after their dreams and passions like I have. I absolutely love to show my affection for my loved ones with my gift of good cooking. Professionally, I am a Registered Dental Assistant in an orthodontist office. I love the opportunity to help someone improve their smile and even feel better about themselves. A smile is so important to a person’s self image, I’ve been told my smile can light up a room. A role model should spur us to hope, dream, reach higher and encourage us on our way. As a woman, I strive to help young girls believe in their beauty and self-worth by teaching them the values and elegance of the woman from the past regardless of their size, shape or age.As Mae West would say, “Why fit in when you can stand out.”


Ruby Lorraine -Tampa Bay Florida


Evelyn Voss -North Bay California 

San Francisco gal Evelyn Voss' love  of cars and the vintage lifestyle began during childhood, spending weekends at car shows  with her grandparents.  They encouraged  her  to  be  a  classy,  glamourous  and  kind  person. Evelyn’s nana was a true lady and insisted one  must never leave the house without  a proper outfit on, hair styled and makeup done! Red lips, winged eyeliner and big hair were Evelyn's destiny.   Miss Voss works in the medical field and has a very nurturing  nature, loves to snuggle her  three  dogs,  Juliana  pig  and  hedgehog.   Evelyn is a passionate about many things, vintage, music, animals and sports. When she is not out at car shows and events you  can  find  her  raising  funds and giving  back  to  the  community  with  pinup sisters!


Susie Doll - North Florida 

Dorothy Susan, or Susie Doll as we like to call her, finds happiness being surrounded by people she loves, the rural Florida sunshine, and her pets. Not only is she a lover of old pickups, spiced rum, bonfires and red lipstick Susie enjoys cooking, truck & tractor pulls, handsome bearded men and fast rides.  Her motto is “kindness never killed anyone” and she believes that being a lady doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands dirty when needed. She dreams of traveling to Montana to see the rivers after the snow melts and would love to conquer her fear of heights.


Cherry Nancy Tinkerbella~ Finland

Cherry on ympäri maailmaa julkaistu Liikuntarajoitteinen pinup­malli, sekä muusikko. Hän laulaa aktiivisesti kahdessa eri kokoonpanossa; harmonia lauluyhtyeessä Three Decadesissa, sekäRockabillybändissä Tinkerbella & Whistlin Wolves:issa. Niiden lisäksi hän tekee myös muutamia sivuprojekteja mm. Pyörätuoli Marilyn keikkoja. Pyörätuolissa Cherry onkin ihan oikeassa päivittäisessäelämässään myös. Cherryn sydäntä lähellä on erityisesti Cowgirl­pinup. Hän myös opettaa lännenratsastusta ja luonnollisia hevosmiestaitoja kahdella hevosellaan. Cherry on voittanut Miss Pin up kilpailun 2018,se on ainoa pinup kisa johon hän on osallistunut. Hänet myös äänestettiin vuoden 2017 Surinasussuksi kun hän osalistui Vintage invamopedillaan Mopo Karnevaaleille. Hän myös pitää kruisailusta avopuolisonsa Ford Thunderbirdin kyydissä.Cherryn olet myös voinut bongata tv:stä Rockabilly bändinsä kanssa Classic jäätelömainoksesta , tai The x­factor kilpailusta, jossa Three Decades sijoittui 4:n parhaan bändin pariin.Cherry on ammatiltaan nuoriso­ohjaaja, lisäksi hän toimii nuoren äidin tukiaikuisena. Hän toimii myös sijaiskotina kodittomille eläimille. Cherry käy myö pitämässä luentoja positiivisen asenteen vaikutuksesta kipuun, sekä tsemppaa kipusiskoja ja veljiä. Cherry tietää mistä puhuu, sillä hän itse sairastaa useampaa kipusairautta.

~~~ Cherry is internationally published, disabled pinup model and singer­-songwriter. Singing with two groups, Three Decades, a harmony singing group and her Rockabilly band, Tinkerbella and Whistlin Wolves. Cherry has also appeared on television with both bands! She was in Classic ice cream commercial with her rockabilly band, and on The X­ Factor Finland performing with Three Decades. She loves vintage western and is truly a Cowgirl Pinup, teaching western riding and natural horsemanship with her two horses. When she is not riding horses you can find her her performing as a ”wheelchair­ Marilyn”. Its not just a show, Cherry needs Wheelchair every day in her life. She gives lectures to encourage people with chronic pain and to help them to find positive mental power. Sharing her own story about her health and disabilities, as she suffers from several pain syndromes. Cherry gives back to her community by volunteering her time as is a youth leader as support adult for young moms and takes care of homeless animals until they find a permanent home. She is Miss Pin Up 2018, and was also voted as ”Mopedgirl of the year” 2017 when she was driving her vintage inva moped at Moped Carneval. For fun she loves to go cruising with her man in their 1974 Ford Thunderbird ­.